Entheo Fresh Mint Microdose Spray

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Product Features

    • Highly Concentrated: 32,000ug of Psilocin per bottle, equivalent to 8g of dry mushrooms.
    • Precise Dosing: Each spray delivers 400ug of Psilocin, offering controlled, microdose-level experiences.
    • Easy to Use: Approx. 80 sprays per bottle for convenient and consistent use.
    • Natural Ingredients: Formulated with alcohol, liquid stevia, and organic peppermint oil.
    • Traditional Meets Modern: An innovative take on ancient medicines for modern life.

Entheo Fresh Mint Microdose Spray

With Entheo Fresh Mint Microdose Spray*, experience the simplicity of microdosing. This innovative product offers a potent yet controlled approach to incorporate traditional medical knowledge into your contemporary lifestyle. With every spray providing 400 ug of psilocin, you can achieve accuracy and uniformity.

Product Content

  • Alcohol: Acts as a solvent and preservative.
  • Liquid Stevia: Provides natural sweetness without calories.
  • Organic Peppermint Oil: Offers a fresh minty flavor.
  • Pure Psilocin: The active ingredient responsible for the spray’s effects.
  • Microdose: 1 – 4 Sprays
  • Note: Shake well before use. Each bottle contains approximately 80 sprays.
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Why is Entheo Fresh Mint Microdose Spray the best
  • Precision Dosing: Each spray is meticulously measured to ensure a consistent microdosing experience.
  • Ease of Use: The spray format allows for quick and convenient dosing.
  • Holistic Approach: Designed to seamlessly integrate into modern lifestyles while honoring ancient medicinal practices.
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Q: How many sprays are in a bottle?
A: The bottle contains approximately 80 sprays.

Q: Is the product vegan-friendly?
A: Yes, the product is vegan, as it does not contain any animal-derived ingredients.

5 reviews for Entheo Fresh Mint Microdose Spray

  1. Zeiler Thompson

    All my friends are coming for this product after they had taste if it.

  2. Michael Jimenez

    Can you make it available for wholesale I will like to go bigger on my next order.

  3. Audrey Mc

    It really works like magic

  4. Klin Scott

    Thanks for making things so easy going bigger next time.

  5. John Wally

    Your product is a whole new beginning for our community they will come in their numbers thanks for making this work.

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