Entheo DMT Disposable Vape Pen

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Introducing the ENTHEO* 500mg DMT Disposable Vape—a potent, convenient, and spiritually enriching way to connect with the ancient wisdom of plant medicine.

Entheo DMT Disposable Vape Pen

Greetings from a truly unique and transformative experience. Presenting the ENTHEO* 500mg DMT Disposable Vape: a powerful, practical, and enlightening means of establishing a connection with the age-old knowledge of plant medicine. This vape offers more than 50 puffs per device and has a total of 325,000μg of pure N,N-DMT. To provide you the precise dosage you need for your meditative or exploratory needs, every puff is painstakingly measured.

This vape makes it incredibly easy to incorporate this potent entheogen into your spiritual practice or consciousness exploration, regardless of your level of experience with DMT. Because of its small size and ease of use, you can discreetly carry it in your pocket or bag and concentrate more on your travels than the technical details.

DMT is Magical

Why go with DMT? DMT, the strongest hallucinogenic entheogen on the planet, provides unmatched possibilities for in-depth introspection. DMT has a long history of usage in shamanic and religious contexts. It can be found naturally in a variety of plants and even in human bodies. Utilizing our DMT Vape, you can access this age-old knowledge in a contemporary, handy manner.


Pure N,N-DMT: The active ingredient responsible for the visionary experience.
Propylene Glycol: Used as a base in the vaporizer fluid.
Natural Terpenes: Add natural flavors to enhance your experience.


Microdosing: 1 Puff
Macrodosing: 2-3 Puffs
Transcendence: 4-5 Puffs

Product Highlights

Highly Concentrated: With 325,000μg of N,N-DMT, this vape offers a concentrated dose for transformative experiences.
Precise Dosing: Our meticulous measurement ensures each puff delivers a consistent, reliable dosage.
Convenience: Easy to use and portable, perfect for modern lifestyles.
Quality Assurance: Every product undergoes stringent tests to ensure purity and effectiveness

Related Questions

Q: How many puffs are in each Entheo vape?
A: Each Entheo vape contains over 50 puffs.
Q: What is DMT and why is it unique?
A: DMT is a powerful entheogen found in various plants and the human body. It offers profound experiences, often described as transcendent or otherworldly.
Q: How should I store the Entheo vape?
A: Store the vaporizer in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.
Q: Can I travel with this vape?
A: Laws surrounding DMT vary by jurisdiction. Always check local laws before traveling with the vaporizer.

3 reviews for Entheo DMT Disposable Vape Pen

  1. Jim

    This is one of the best spirit vapes i have tried in long time, i’ll be back so many times you can have my word on that.

  2. Reiley K

    so far this is the best dmtvape out here great product.

  3. Mathew Grant

    Happy i trusted i have been cheated so many times

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