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The Entheo Store

Introducing Entheo*, a brand that goes beyond traditional wellness parameters to provide a selection of finely crafted goods for the contemporary seeker. Entheo*, grounded in ageold wisdom but enhanced by modern research, acts as a link between enduring customs and modern demands.

What makes us different

Holistic Perspective: Entheo* holds that the mind, body, and spirit are one. Our products are designed to promote harmony and balance rather than merely address specific symptoms.
Robust Formulations: By utilizing exclusive blends, every product is a blend of natural components and strong actives that are optimized for optimal effectiveness.
Transparency and Quality: Entheo* is based on integrity. Every product is thoroughly tested and includes comprehensive lab reports. Transparency is a commitment, not just a catchphrase.
Creative Techniques of Delivery: Entheo* provides a variety of delivery options to accommodate different tastes and lifestyles, from tasty gummies to fast-acting soft gels.
Sustainability: All packaging is 100% recyclable, and ingredients are sourced ethically, in keeping with our respect for human and environmental well-being.

Who is Entheo for?

The Searcher of Today: Entheo* is for you if you’re on a quest to comprehend more profound realities and incorporate wellness into every aspect of your life. The Aware Shopper: People who support ethical, high-quality, and transparent business practices join a movement rather than merely buying a product. The Workaholic Expert: With ease of use in mind, Entheo* products make it simple for people with hectic schedules to lead balanced lives. The Entheo* Guarantee We stand by the caliber and effectiveness of our offerings. We won’t be happy if you’re not happy. Making sure you have a great experience from purchase to consumption is our top priority when it comes to customer service. Explore the Entheo* experience and set out on a path of enhanced wellness where integrity, quality, and potency are the driving forces. We appreciate you including us in your quest for wellness.

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“Original and with an innate understanding of their customer’s needs, the team at Entheo Store are always a pleasure to work with.”

Jane Miller


The Entheo Store is your one stop psychedelic shop.

Your reliable resource for wellness and self-discovery is entheostore.com. Our expertise lies in producing precisely measured, vegan-friendly, and rapidly acting mushroom gummie extractsalong with other associated entheogenic wellness items. We provide an extraordinary and transformative experience, dedicated to sustainability and transparency. We offer wild range of products like Entheo Vegan Psilocin Softgels | Magic Mushrooms, Entheo DMT Disposable Vaporizer Pen 500mg, Entheo Peach Vegan Psilocin Gummies | Mushroom, Entheo Fresh Mint Microdose Spray, Entheo Heart + Soul Watermelon Lemonade Gummies.

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Experience Entheo Psychedlic Magic

Here at Entheo Store, we redefine the boundaries of wellness and self-discovery. Our Microdosing products boast precision-dosing with the lab tests to prove it, natural and vegan-friendly mushrooms & entheogen ingredients, fast-acting formulas, and a wide range of amazing products from soft gels to gourmet flavored mushroom gummies. From Vegan friendly ingredients, sustainable packaging and backed by transparent practices, we offer a holistic experience for the discerning psychonauts. Upgrade your consciousness today.